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Final round in Turkey for Ivo Monticelli

Ivo Monticelli ended his world championship campaign in seventeenth place.

  • 4 Settembre 2022
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JM Racing Honda finishes inside of the points in difficult French MXGP

JM Racing Honda has scored points at round seventeen of the world championship MXGP in St. Jean d'Angely in France. It was a difficult Grand Prix for the team and due to this Henry Jacobi and Ivo Monticelli had to be satisfied with seventeenth and twentieth position overall.

  • 21 Agosto 2022
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Henry Jacobi finishes inside of the top ten at the MXGP of Finland

With a 12-9 in the motos it was Jacobi who finished in tenth position overal and because Monticelli didn't score points in both motos, he was classified in 24th position. After sixteen rounds Jacobi sits in fifteenth position in the championship standings and Monticelli is in 24th position

  • 14 Agosto 2022
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Difficult Swedish MXGP for JM Racing Honda

Monticelli ended the weekend in 22nd position overall.

  • 7 Agosto 2022
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Henry Jacobi finishes inside of the top ten in the deep sand of Lommel

Ivo Monticelli was riding around fifteenth position in the first moto but a mistake dropped him out of the points. After the crash he was struggling to find his rhythm and didn't made it back into the points. In the second moto he took his revenge. After a good start he was riding inside of the top ten in the first half of the race. After that he lost this position and finished the race in a strong eleventh position.

  • 24 Luglio 2022
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JM Racing Honda inside of the top fifteen at the MXGP of the Czech Republic

Both Ivo Monticelli and Henry Jacobi managed to finish a moto inside of the top fifteen and Jacobi finished in fourteenth position overall.

  • 17 Luglio 2022
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Henry Jacobi shines in his home MXGP in Germany

Ivo Monticelli was struggling to find a good rhythm on the tricky track from Teutschenthal. He kept on fighting and was scoring four points with a 20-18 in the motos.

  • 12 Giugno 2022
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Ivo Monticeli is building further towards his old level and made a step in the good direction in France. The Italian finished in eighteenth and fifteenth position in the motos and took nine points.

  • 5 Giugno 2022
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Monticelli inside of the top fifteen at the MXGP of Spain

Ivo Monticelli is starting to find his groove again. He showed a good speed in the qualifying heat on Saturday and was riding two decent motos on Sunday. He finished seventeenth in the opening moto and crossed the finish line in fourteenth in the second moto. For Monticelli this is a great result and with this he can continue building towards his old level.

  • 29 Maggio 2022
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Henry Jacobi takes first top ten moto finish of the season in Latvia

Ivo Monticelli is working hard to be better each weekend. In the first moto he finished in seventeenth position. In the second moto he started inside of the top ten but unfortunately things went wrong for Monticelli and was forced to retire from the race

  • 24 Aprile 2022
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Ups and downs for JM Racing Honda in MXGP of Trentino

Ivo Monticelli has broken a toe and was forced to sit out the race on Sunday.

  • 10 Aprile 2022
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Mixed Fortunes For JM Racing Honda At Portuguese MXGP Round

Ivo Monticelli made his racing comeback after a seven month long injury-related layoff. It was important to gain race rhythm, which he did in abundance, even scoring some points in the second heat with an 18th place finish.

  • 3 Aprile 2022
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Ivo Monticelli JOINS JM HONDA Racing

"Wow 2022 in rosso! Grazie mille JM Honda Racing per avermi dato l'occasione di guidare questa moto fantastica." Così Monticelli commenta la sua prossima stagione MXGP, in cui come detto è determinato a riscattarsi dopo i guai fisici accusati. "Sono fiero di questa line-up" ha aggiunto il boss Jacky Martens. "Possiamo crescere molto con questi piloti, il materiale Honda poi è un buon punto di partenza. Abbiamo già iniziato la preparazione per il prossimo campionato, faremo di tutto per arrivarci più pronti che mai."

  • 20 Dicembre 2021
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End of season for Ivo Monticelli

Ivo Monticelli: "I had more medical examinations when I got back to Italy, and Doctor Porcellini will carry out surgery on Wednesday. There was no other solution for my shoulder, and unfortunately I have to end my season as the recovery period is between two and three months. After that I will be able to start riding again but the racing season will be over. I want to thank everyone at the Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team for their support; they gave me the best support I could expect throughout the season and I wish Romain good luck in his chase for the world title".

  • 20 Settembre 2021
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The shoulder is gone

Ivo Monticelli: "I dislocated my shoulder in timed practice this morning. I just hit a bump on the straight and my shoulder came out; I didn't even crash! Since Lommel it has come out two times for no reason so it is too dangerous to continue to race like this. Now I go back to Italy to check my shoulder and see if I need surgery; if I need an operation we will do it as soon as possible".

  • 5 Settembre 2021
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Ivo Monticelli: "Today was pretty hard for me. I was not able to ride during the week after injuring my shoulder in Lommel so I didn’t find a good feeling for the track in the morning; the track was bumpy with many ruts so it was hard for my shoulder. I made a really good start in the top eight in race one, then I just rode my own rhythm; it wasn’t fast but I could score points. I had a better feeling for the track in race two but another rider took me out at the start and I had to wait to free my bike; I found a good feeling to come back to nineteenth but then I had a big crash and had to rebuild again to finish eighteenth. My riding was positive in the second moto even though I crashed too much. Now I have four weeks to rebuild my shape before the next GP; first I will go back home in Italy for a few days to get some rest, then we will work with the team to prepare for the rest of the season."

  • 8 Agosto 2021
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Ivo Monticelli grabbed his first 2021 holeshot

Ivo Monticelli: "It was a really hard weekend. I was just seventeenth in Qualifying but my lap time was close to the top ten. I got a good jump from the centre of the gate to hold seventh but I had a big crash already on the first lap and broke the visor on my helmet; that made it hard to take a good rhythm in the rain. The second moto I took the holeshot but I crashed at the second turn; my shoulder popped out and in again and my race was done. I'm disappointed with myself; I work hard but mistakes are costing me. I still believe in myself and will keep working for better results. I also want to say thanks to the team. It was a bad day for me but they do such a good job and I really appreciate how they still believe in me after the race. I know they are behind me all the time. See you in Latvia".

  • 1 Agosto 2021
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Ivo Monticelli scores his first TOP TEN result this season

Ivo Monticelli: "The track is hardpack like back home in Italy where I grew up so I had a really good feeling and felt positive all day, especially after third in Qualifying. The first moto I jumped too early at the start and got stuck in the gate so I was dead last; it is hard to pass here but I came to fourteenth. But my riding and speed was OK so I knew my potential and could show this after starting sixth in race two. I could stay with the lead group and moved to fifth when Gajser crashed. I could follow Hoff but I let him go three laps from the end after I made one mistake and I didn't want to risk my fifth place. Now we go training in sand this week for Lommel".

  • 25 Luglio 2021
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Ivo Monticelli: "Everyone always tries to push on the first lap. I arrived at the uphill jump and Jeffrey jumped short. I was already in the air and couldn't miss him. I'm OK. I am so sorry for Jeffrey but this is our sport. The bike was damaged but I got back up after everyone else had gone past and found a good rhythm to finish eighteenth. My start was OK in the second race too but Hoff crashed in front of me at the second turn and I went out into the deep mud on the outside of the turn to avoid him. I was twentieth but I came back to tenth before Seewer passed me a few laps from the end. I rode two good motos with no mistakes and good speed today so I am confident for the future."

  • 18 Luglio 2021
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Ivo Monticelli: "The day started well with a good lap in Qualifying and I was feeling positive after the crashes in Russia and England. I am more relaxed in training but I was riding stiff in the first race to finish twelfth after starting tenth. It rained for race two and I had to stop for fresh goggles after ten minutes; that left me twenty-sixth but I came back a little to make the top twenty at the finish. It's not the results I want but I remain positive. At least I finally got points; you need to walk before you can run and I know I have the speed so the results will come".

  • 5 Luglio 2021
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